Google just announced Project Stream, an experiment to stream games from Google’s servers via Chrome. Google is allowing people to test streaming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey during this trial period. For controls, you can use a wired Xbox controller or a PlayStation controller. For my demo, I just used a keyboard and a mouse. Game streaming services are still a new thing. I know that PlayStation has had something for a few years now. It makes sense to apply what was done for streaming music and videos to video games. TechnicalI started to boot up the game using my MacBook Pro 2014 on Wi-Fi. The game got going pretty quickly. There was no noticeable lag, and it didn’t feel much different than something that I would run on a PS4. Sometimes, when a lot was going on screen, there was a bit of a slowdown and some lag, but it was all stuff that I felt fine experiencing. I think the tradeoff for convenience and ease-of-use was there for me to be able to handle some of the slowdowns. TakeawaysI like the possibilities that streaming can bring. It would be cool to stream powerful VR experiences on lower level devices. VR is one of those cases where the machine that is needed to power it will always keep it from mass adoption.