Convenience is going to be a powerful thing in our lives going forward. If a company can make something easier for you and can help you accomplish a task quickly, you might overlook some issues with the company. For example, just think about any free app that you use. We give something to get something; it always happens that way.Amazon is just one of those companies that continue to fascinate me. They have some brilliant hardware products (Fire TV and Echo) and some forgettable ones like their attempt at a phone.But lately, they have been releasing things under their own brand. For example, I have some AmazonBasics batteries and ear buds. Usually, it has always been just some basic necessities. SnacksAmazon now has their own brand of snack foods. I decided to order a bag just for the hell of it. I used AmazonFresh grocery services to order the bag.I wanted to try the product for a few things. Was this something that Amazon is going to get into? Are they going to offer their own products? Or is this much more like how Walmart and Target offer their own brand of foods as well?But, the interesting thing is that Amazon has so much data on what people are searching for and what people are getting primed that they decided to sell popcorn and chips. Secret Weapon AlexaAlexa dominated the holiday season and the news coverage at CES this year. I feel like the sales numbers of the Echo Dot were huge over the holiday season. Amazon is also more open with the Alexa technology.I am curious to see what Amazon is going to do with all of those Alexas out there. I just hope it’s more than just chips.