Do you have a notebook or a list somewhere of some ideas that you thought were just amazing? Have you ever been out with friends one day and came out with a killer t-shirt idea? Or even worse have you made something and shared it with the only friend and then put it away to never be seen again. I am one of those people who rarely ships but ends up collecting a bunch of ideas and concepts that I believe in. But, I don’t ship. I make excuses and blame the world. But, I don’t ship. If you can relate to any one this. I want you to join me. April is going to be the month of the ship. There are 5 Sundays in April and the goal is to release something new each Sunday. The only rule is that you have to make one thing a week for the month of April. The size and scope of that thing are up to you. But, you just have to ship something. It can be anything you have been wanting to release or even want to relaunch. If you want to work on one big idea this month. Break that out into pieces and try to hit a weekly milestone. Here is our schedule Week 1 - 4/2/17 Week 2 - 4/9/17 Week 3 - 4/16/17 Week 4 - 4/23/17 Week 5 - 4/30/17If you want to join me on this journey and share what you make. I want to see it. Let me know your email address here. will reach out to see if I can help in any way to help you to release your idea to the world. If enough people signup I will setup a newsletter to sink out your work to the list so we can all enjoy your new work. I will also be documenting as much as I can for each project. Time to work the first launch is a few days away.