I have a bad habit. I constantly think and dwell and even get obsessive about a topic. I can sometimes do a deep dive on something and let it consume me entirely. In some cases that can be really helpful and can guide you in learning something new very quickly. But, today I got some answers about myself.I think I am afraid. I think that I might be afraid of everything. I am afraid of what people might think of my ideas. I am afraid of the person who calls me a bad writer. I am afraid of letting down my wife. I am afraid of figuring out that I am not capable of what I want to do. I am afraid of sucking. I am afraid of regret. I am afraid.Today, I had some realizations that fear is driving a lot of my decisions and dictates a lot of what I want to do and what I want to make. I love this and I want to keep publishing and keep exploring different styles of stories. I have been writing fiction a lot lately and I want to start to share those stories. I am going to keep try to improve and try to get better each day. I want to make sure that I support people who are bringing joy to the world.