Starting tomorrow, I am going to start a 5-week challenge to start to ship some of my ideas finally. As important as I think it is to make sure that we that we actually try to release our ideas onto the world. We also have to keep in my mind the fact of that matter that should this idea exist and who would benefit from them. I have been thinking about sales a lot and being able to make one of this challenge.One of the best feelings that I have had in the last 6 months was selling a copy of a course that I made. Release and finishing a product was one thing. But, that validation of someone taking out their credit card and say yes to something that you make is second to none.I keep this list handy with me when I am thinking about ideas. Products Anyone Can Make1. Book 2. White paper, research guide, compilation 3. Course/workshop 4. Screencast, video, or podcast/audio But, tomorrow is day one of our challenge to make and ship your ideas. May just might be a challenge in sales.