2018Chrome is still my daily driver as a browser. I still prefer chrome dev tools and I am baked into the Google ecosystem. I still have Opera, Firefox, Firefox Dev, Safari, Brave and Brave Dev install on my computer. I want to list out some of the extension that I use on a near-daily basis. Cloud App Screen Recorder, Screenshots - A quick way to take a screenshot and then have a URL ready to share. Wappalyzer - Identify technologies on websites - A love seeing what tech is being used on other sites. You can sometimes see frameworks, server info and even tracking pixels. JSONView - This just allows for you to read and open JSON and a clean an pretty display. 1Password - A password manager has become essential part of my workflow now. GO FUCKING WORK - This is a tool to block sites that might kill your productivity. The brashness always gets me to stop and think about if I really want to get to that content. Puppeteer Recorder - An extension for recording and generating Puppeteer scripts that you can use for your automation or test needs. The next two are essential if you work in these other two frameworks. Vue.js devtools React Developer Tools