Last night we watched the documentary citizen four on HBO. I honestly heard about this on oscar night as it won best documentary. I am sure like others I followed the Snowden case closely as it involved the services we all use every day. After all those leaks and all that knowledge out there. I never changed my habits.I still use the same apps. I am writing this as a text file in my Dropbox. After all of that I never changed my workflow.This documentary might make me look at things differently. The director shed a light on Snowden himself. The main focus of the documentary was the actual leaking of the information to the reports.I am not sure if it was ever written the process of how he got his articles over the Guardian but it was intense to watch this data that caused such an immense reaction worldwide.By the end, I felt that we should be doing more and we should of all taken this more seriously what was going on. I am sure most of this stuff is still going on.[]I would still love to see a bigger push for privacy. Can we make web apps both easy to use and focus on privacy. It would be interesting to see some people take this problem on. I pay for Google Drive but would love a cloud storage solution that allowed all of those hooks be still remained easy to manage and easy move data around.Does privacy have to come at the cost of simplistic design and user experience? I think we can and should do better.