I bought my first Cryptocurrency on 11/2/2013. Like, I am sure a lot of people who were playing around back then. If they kept what they had it would be worth thousands if not millions. I didn’t have that much but I sure do wish I kept it in my wallet.For, the people who are in the Bitcoin space. Have you ever tried to explain the currency or even the technology to someone? Did you get frustrated and give up? Did you show them your wallet and try to explain it to them in the simplest terms possible?Just last week, I was trying to explain it the best way that I know how and I had people looking at me like I was talking a scam. And of course I got the naturally. “What weird shit are you buying online?”Coming up there is going to be an interesting invent.Episode 9 of the Big Bang Theory season 11, which will air on November 30, 2017, is entitled “The Bitcoin Entanglement,” and this will introduce bitcoin to a whole different group of people.Now, you might be thinking that broadcast TV still doesn’t have the same power that it did say 10–15 years ago. But the show is going to be viewed by around 12 million people.Bitcoin and other currencies have seen a steadily increase this month. But, it will be fascinating to see how many people start talking and asking.