One thing that I sometimes focus too much on is work/career and projects. These are some of the things that take up all of my brain power. Something keeps holding me back from getting the things that I want doing in life. I am making to many excuses and I want to try and find out what I want to accomplish.This week I wanted to start it off with a concept called “The Artist Date.”“The Artist Date is a weekly solo expedition to explore something that interests you.”I just wanted to do something that would take a few hours off from the grind. Sometimes, I know we have to grind it out and we have to go all in. Sometimes we need that freedom and we need to take a walk or do something for ourselves. I want to make sure that I do this once a week. I felt great. I felt less anxious. I felt like I was ready to keep creating.Here are a few Artist Dates that I want to try.1. Take a walk on a nature trail. Take your camera. 3. Choose a fantasy mentor. Take time to read their books, watch their videos, learn about their life as an artist. Let them inspire you. 3. Write A Poem 4. Take A Road Trip 5. Mediate in a Field