Over two weeks ago, I had a long talk with a friend. We touched on a number of topics but one thing really stuck out to me. He kept asking me “why didn’t you?” and “Why don’t you do that?”I had nothing to say. I had no legitimate reasons for not at least trying to achieve some of those things I have always wanted to achieve. I made a blog in January of 2014. During the next 14 months, I posted exactly 2 articles. I wrote just about once a week. But, I never hit submit. I keep worrying about what would happen if someone found it.
 If you log into my godaddy account you will find a pile of unused domains for all of my ideas over the year. Some of them I even renew each year in hopes I get over the hump and do something about it.What I learned over these few weeks was something really simple. The biggest hurdle was and will continue to be me.This week I am going to shift things back to design and my struggles there. I want to spend more time learning all about Sketch and trying to prototype an idea I have been kicking around.