Hosting was always the biggest pain point for me. I had no system for hosting my applications and even some of my ideas. I was using AmazonS3 to deploy my static files to and host things that way. That worked and still works well. I never found a good workflow from getting my sites from git into s3. I don’t know how I found Netlify but it has changed how I host all of my sites and I wish everything was this easy. The two main ways that I use Netlify is with a continuous deployment from Git sources like Github/Gitlab or BitBucket. You could also just simply drag a folder from your machine and automatically get a site back. Let’s walk through connecting a git repo and setting up continuous deployment. Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.58.59 AM.pngzAs you can see it is as easy as connecting to a git repo of your choice to start the build process. The next screenshot is what really changed everything for me. Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.00.29 AM.pngOn this screen, you can set which branch that you want to. But, the build settings will actually run those commands for you when you commit. Then you can tell it to go to your build directory or whatever the name of your post-processed HTML files lives. My previous workflow was running the build command locally and just uploading the files to s3. I know. Once, all of those settings are in place you now have a site with a generated domain name for you.