Tonight, I am watching sports on Twitter on my Amazon Fire TV. Earlier this year, Twitter won the rights to stream 10 NFL games. The games are premiering this week and this has started Twitter down a road of live content. They have slowly beefed up their live offerings, most likely to get prepared for the NFL Season, but there was a problem with the discovery of these videos. I feel like I didn’t know about a lot of the content unless someone was tweeting about it. ExperienceThis summer, I watched both the RNC and DNC conventions stream live on Twitter. The experience was actually enjoyable on the mobile app. There was something cool watching the conversation fall in while watching. It would great to be able to either be able to minimize the video or play it in the background while you interact with something other than the app. The GameThe Jets/Bills game last week was streamed by two million people and watched by something like 50 million people on TV.This is a step into something different and into something new for live sports. Live sports is one of the hardest things to watch if you cut cable. The NFL is especially tough to watch because it is big business. It also has a number of exclusive deals with companies and the TV deals just bring in new numbers.This Twitter deal feels like an experiment but doesn’t feel like a natural fit. I know that the day after the game I heard people ask “Hey, did you see the game on Twitter?” It is exciting to see companies make these deals that open up the content more and don’t put them behind walls.