Apple Music’s launch a few weeks ago reinvited the streaming wars. Apple Music has given out a generous free trial that I am sure made a lot of people sign up to give a go. Music services, unlike video streaming apps you only want one. I don’t mind switching between Hulu/Netflix and Amazon Prime.I tried Apple Music and after about 5 minutes I just wanted to go back to Spotify. Itunes is just an application that I don’t desire to spend time with.There was always a dark horse app in this race that I loved. Rdio was always one of those startups that I admired. Rdio’s web app is the best out of all the streaming services out there. The UI and Design are so clean and simple. It is just one of the few music apps that are a joy to use. The there design team has done some amazing work on their apps. There is something so clean and welcoming about the UI.The thing that I loved about Rdio was it one of the few apps that I felt just got out of my way, and it was always just a pleasure to use. I never used it as extensively as I used Spotify.The thing about Rdio was that I couldn’t seem to convince people to sign up for the app. The people were flocking to Spotify. That is what Spotify is amazing at the sharing and collaborating settings.There have always been rumors around how Facebook wants to get in the music game in some form. The last was something about music videos coming to the news feed. The focus on music videos would be really confusing. As it makes sense why Google is trying to combine its music streaming service with youtube as videos on their own are not an attractive option.I would love to see what Facebook could do with Rdio. Apple is winning on price and being able to cook into millions of devices right way. Spotify is winning overall and has a good hold on features, and their design is getting momentum.Facebook could integrate Rdio in some ways. The killer Spotify feature is the ability to share and collaborate on playlists with your friends. Messenger is becoming a huge platform. I would love to be able to listen to a song in messenger and take an action on that. Add it to a playlist or forward the track to another friend.