I love when giant tech companies give keynotes. If they are streaming I tend to watch them and soak in the presentation. Facebook’s developer conference kicked off today and I watched with excitement to see all of the new announcements start to trickle in.I was mostly interested in anything that they are doing with VR. Having Oculus in the portfolio there was bound to be a number of announcements. They announced “Facebook Spaces” spaces are there social VR app that allows you to do certain things with friends and you can interact with an avatar. But, there was a component of having people video call into these experiences with the messenger. In the demo, there was a panel with a person calling in from a phone and interacting with this avatar in this Virtual space.Facebook being the advertising juggernaut watching this demo I couldn’t help but think of where the revenue would come in. The room could have sponsored panels or the room could be sponsored by “Mountain Dew” or a movie trailer could start to auto-play on a panel in the corner and be muted of course.A number of people owning an oculus are going to be on the small side. But, this allows people with heads to bring people in to experience these new worlds. It is going to make people showcase the brand and the experiences. From, what I have seen with VR. I had to see it and use it and interact with it before I was completely bought in.AR demos were shown off in some pieces. I think these are just going to be really just demos until we get their wearables. Being able to position data and manipulate the world with a wearable. Now, that is something I would want to play with.