A few months ago a friend and I started experimenting with a concept for a fitness app. We wanted to take all the thinking out of working out. You would either get home or go to the gym and have some instructions ready for you. We wanted to take all of the pain out of fitness and have a professional craft a workout for you.The product focus was on email. Email is a simple way to deliver the information and very easy to build. Plus we can do all of the work manually just try to prove out the concept.We thought about what it would look like to get this as an app. As we continue to evolve the product and examine some new avenues. We wanted it to see what this would look like in app form.We wanted to create a little excitement for the workout with the countdown until it is viewable. When you are logged in you get to see the countdown, and you can view the last few days workouts. Just in case you wanted to work on a move. The workout screen just gives a clean way to see what moves you need to do. You can watch a video if you are not sure of how to perform the move or a button to let us know if you want to get more challenging workouts.Also, we wanted a spot to be able to talk to your trainer and to be able to work out some issues or areas to improve your workouts.I can see this as the next step for the product. Below you can view and interact with some of our mockup ideas.