JS Prototyping Prototyping is one of those things that always interested me. It was something that combined design and code so well. I also thought that if you were going to write code for the design process why not just start coding. FramerJs was always interesting because it used CoffeScript and anyway I can keep writing JS was ok with me.Skillshare released this intro to Prototyping class, and I decided to take the Framer finally out for a test drive. I love a good Sketch document, and Framer has excellent support for importing all of your Sketch files and layers right into the app. FramerJs gives an 8 hour trial for the app. There was something about the trial that made me have this sense of urgency. I wanted to use it way more often than I normally would in a trial because I felt like the time was running out on me.The class was broken up into three sketches and allowed you to wet your whistle on what Framer can do and how it could work into your workflow. The class was not super in-depth but it was something I was able to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon with. It was fun to be able to write some code an interact with your Sketch documents. It felt like the natural next step for projects that needed. Prototyping is something that ever design project will need to do. WhenHere are my results from two of the class assignments. http://share.framerjs.com/lm31mdazu5t2/ http://share.framerjs.com/ybpzd8i4io7d/