I usually keep a list of of my ideas. They can range from the simple to the massive. About two weeks ago, I read https://unicornfree.com/just-fucking-ship and thought enough was enough.I launched two ideas, Mentobi and Insane Tough. I have been kicking these two ideas around in my head for weeks now. I didn’t really expect many results out of the launch. It just felt great to put something out into the world.They were not pillars of web design. I had just a few rough ideas and I wanted to give myself a deadline to get them live and functional. I thought I would just sort of pick one and see if I can get some users and maybe build and email list. The only thing I believed in were the ideas. I really didn’t have much of a vision after this or any business plans or concepts. This is the farthest I have gotten in years when trying to build a product. I had my idea, a URL, and a few pieces of content. Step 1 is done and now it is time to figure out a way to get some views onto these new sites.I tried to push the links around on Twitter and some other sites. Nothing heavy but just trying to generate some eyeballs. I wanted to see if there where any interest in these ideas so I can bury them and move on.Then, something happened. I got an email. I read this email about 4 different times because I couldn’t believe it. I got a customer! I got a paying customer. I read the email at about 6:30 AM on a Friday morning. Still, I don’t really believe it. In less than a week, for something that did not exist, I got a paying customer.There was this rush that came over me. I felt like I had some new super power. It was unlike anything that I ever felt before. There was a sense of validation to my ideas- to even some of my past ideas. I felt like I could do anything.Yet, there was one thing I keep thinking. How do I get Customer #2. Someone believed and now I keep thinking what can I do with this? How far can I go with this?But, first things first, I have a lot of work to do. I merely sold an idea. Now, what the hell do I do?