Today, is going to be some prepare work for the challenge. Week 1 for me is going to be releasing a new ebook. I’ve had an idea for some short stories for months now. I haven’t been able to get this out the door. I have some work done on it so it is the perfect project for a short week. I had some people yesterday reach out to me asking what are some ideas of things they can ship.So, if you want to get in on the challenge. For week 1, I would say to pick something that you have already started to work on or something that might just require blocking off a time. A few good examples would be starting a blog, setting up your computer to live stream on Twitch, sign up for Medium, deploy that unfitted website.For week 2, let us go into that idea folder. If you have that one project that has been lingering around or an idea that seems to surface once a month. Let us start looking at that one. What is the smallest piece of that project that we can get live? Is it a landing page to start collecting emails, maybe it is finding design help to get the web app rolling.The key is doing something small early and getting that momentum going for the week.If you want to share your work and follow along with my progress leave your email here.