Hosting of my projects has always been a sore spot for me. I either want total control over the server or want nothing to do with it at all.Github has a way to eliminate some of that stress for me. Github Pages is a way to host a static site on GitHub’s servers.Each Github account gets one site with a custom domain, but you also get unlimited project sites.Projects sites are or if you set up a custom domain for your main site.All you have to go to activate a page is pushed your files to a branch called “gh-pages” and a few minutes later you should see content up on for your projects. Custom DomainsIf you want to use a custom domain for your Pages, the site all you have to do is create a file called CNAME and include your URL in that doc.Configuring A RecordsThe next part we will look at starting up a blog with Github Pages.Github Pages uses Jekyll which is a static site generator. I want to walk through a potential workflow for working with Jekyll. I tried to launch this blog on this platform before, I think I have worked out the problems that I have had before.