Web hosting is one of those areas that I just had to deal with. I have number of different projects scattered across the web on different services. My own shared hosted, Github Pages, Heroku, paperplane.io just to name of a few.There is one thing that is common among all of them. There is either a key feature lacking, a speed issue or just a pain to manage.I pay around 10 bucks a month for a hostgator basic storage package. I have had great luck with them but if I start to use to many resources you will see a performance hit. It is still a FTP workflow which was hard to work with still this morning.After getting really annoyed by my git to ftp workflow. I found http://dploy.io/. This service is from the people who have brought you Beanstalk which was a git hosting and deployment app. This app is focused on deployment. It connected to my Github and gave it my hostgator credentials and set it up as a one click push to Github when I was ready to go with a deployment. It was the perfect piece to my workflow. I think it will be well worth the money just to have that extra hook in there for me. I know I can set this up manually but it is nice to be able to do this for my small number of projects and not have to worry about files and falling behind with my repos.As I went to hit publish, I found this https://surge.sh/. According, to their site “Surge makes it easy for developers to deploy projects to a production-quality CDN through Grunt, Gulp, npm.” I think these two tools could really improve my workflow.