Last month, I saw someone on Twitter posting an update on their goals. They had it all listed in public and they were making updates to there lists once a month. It was really inspiring and it made me want to mirror that and get my goals down and publish them. Here is my first crack at some goals for 2017. I will refine these over the next few weeks. But, here we go. Focus Javascript Javascript 30, ES6 For Beginners Class Make Amazon Echo Skill Improve Sketch/Figma SkillsMake Sketch PluginRandom Redesigns For Practice (Steam, Vimeo)Increase PublishingTwo Blogs A WeekWrite a BookRead Two Books A MonthProject IdeasFiction PodcastAppsVimeo On Demand WatchlistTwitter Camera AppPocketcast Mac AppPodcast Snippet Maker/SaverChrome Extension That Pops Out VideosBotsBitCoin BotEther Bot