I’m trying to figure out what I’m good at, what the things I should be working on, what things can I do to help me build a business, and what things should I be spending all of my time on. It gets tiring after a whileI think that the best advice that I’ve ever received was to just start doing anything. In the beginning, experiment because after a while you know all this soul-searching, all the books, all the courses, and all of the different tools are out there are trying to help you find your passion. You won’t really know unless you start doing something.I started to get depressed because I was failing. I wasn’t doing the things other people were doing. My blog posts last week got six views. I was following all these people that were doing these incredible things, people that were achieving more, people that were doing more. These were people I admired, people that I strove to be like, and their general advice was just to work hard.“You’ll find your passion and do what you love and that’s going to take time.”We should have a culture that allows people to experiment more and be willing to try new things.If you want to be a photographer, there’s a $10 book on how to take a good photo. If you want to learn about 100 years ago, there’s a 10-minute course. You already know how to draw a stick figure.If you go by the things people put on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, you’re just going these people and you want that freedom you, that chance to have that. It’s going to be different for everyone. I was looking for that silver bullet for so long and became really depressed for a while.Some might think, “Oh, well, I need to be the world’s greatest coder before I can make an app.” But the best thing is to start doing it. If there’s people like that who you see and follow, people that you’ve read, unsubscribe. Stop reading them. I always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always tried to write and enjoyed writing, but I’m never going to be the best writer. I know that. I know my shortcomings, but this is something that I enjoy doing. Am I going to make a living off it? Maybe not, but I’m okay with that. It’s going to be something that I keep as part of my life and something that I’m going to keep trying to work on. Maybe that’s as far as that goes and maybe I just keep writing code for most of my life. Maybe I am never going to have that start-up that allows me to have employees and allows me to have the mastiff in a company that I dreamed about. That’s okay. But, you need some goals. You need something special.We need to share more and talk about the failures we have all experienced. Be honest about it.