When it comes to productivity apps I have tried them all. I have tried all the systems and I have read a lot of books on the topic. But, I find that I need to tweak my system once a year to keep me from getting lazy and just ignoring it. This year, I wanted to shake my system up. I finished last year with no momentum. One of the things that I never felt like I accomplished anything. So, I set up an IFTTT rule that would send me an email every Sunday and recap all of the items that I marked as completed on my todo list. That was just nice to see and it brought me some level of accomplishment. Then my wife showed me this planner that she saw an ad for. It was called Panda. The thing that I liked about panda is they had space for questions for each day, each week and each month. But, there are specific questions for each unit and you didn’t have to think much about it. I started using this planner for just a few weeks. But, the stunning thing about it was I found that I was wasting some time and was not optimizing the time that I had. Plus, I found that since things were not opened ended. I had to focus in on and answer some of the questions. “What was my priority for today?” and “What do I want to focus in on?” I found for me the tiniest bit of structure helps tame my wild brain and actually get something done.