I hate everything I create. I have been really working on writing more. I have been working on getting into the habit of doing daily pages. Today, I was listening to a talk about selling digital products. I was at work, so my attention was in and out. The audience member was talking about her product and she mentioned that she wanted to get people to tell their story and getting themselves to talk. I am one of those people who have that little voice in their head that tells them to shut up.So, I am going to take the advice and start talking. I am going to find a blog that is a hosted solution so I can’t tinker too much with the design and layout of it.I am going to give myself some metrics and challenges to go through. I am going to make sure that I write X amount of words every day and try to post at least once a week. If Sunday hits and there is no post, I am making sure that I am writing something and just posting whatever it is, and not really care about the criticism.I read this epic deck from a young founder who just sold his company. It was one of the more inspiring reads I have come across mainly because he really just broke it down in detail.As I kept reading all of his advice, I kept saying to myself. Why not me? Why can’t I do all the things I want to achieve? I want to do something that no one has the balls to do. I want to go after something really ambitious and fall flat on my face if I have to.There was one point that the dude made that keeps sticking with me. He provides a lot of exercises in each section but tells you to write out 1 year goals, 5 year goals, and all time goals.I going to have some writing metrics and I have a few side projects to finish this weekend and I am going to start branding myself online. Get some websites and an identity that I am proud of and trust in the design.I shipped a new version of my portfolio site last night. It is amazing what shipping one thing can do for your confidence and mood. When I pushed those files, it was like I conquered the world. There was this geochemical of pride and excitement. I wanted to just sit down and start creating everything I had in my head.Recently, I had just finished a 30 day writing challenge. I wrote about 27,000 words in that period of time. It was one of the most eye opening things I have done in a long time.During that month, I kept thinking of this video.http://player.vimeo.com/video/85040589The video and the message was just spot on. Even in those 30 days, I experienced that. There was one night, I was so happy with my work and then the next night, I want to give up because I thought the work was so bad. But if you keep producing and keep pushing through these early moments, the work will get better. I think it took me the 30 days just to get the confidence in my voice to get a blog posted. I was scared to ship but writing that huge volume in that short burst just allow me to work out some of the garbage but it got me hooked. I got the bug.It was really liberating to stick to that schedule because it removed all of the anxieties and fears I had with writing. I was just producing content and it felt amazing. At the end of the day, that is just want I wanted to be done. I just need to shut up and write.