I generate ideas and I never act on them. I talk myself out of them. I say that I am not good enough. I don’t have enough skills. How does this fit my brand and my audience? I don’t have a brand and audience. But, I need to get those.The lists can go on and on. But, I have to make some sort of change and that change starts now. The urge of shipping and just trying new ideas are going to brought to the forefront. I am not going to be afraid of that the fact that my interest brings me into a lot of wide topics and different areas. I am going to celebrate them all. I am going to create things that bring value into the world and that harness discussion. I am going to create things that are fun and that I want to see in the world.Below are a few projects that I have been kicking around. But, haven’t done much with them. ContentPersonal Blog - personal blog, daily commentary. imaginary.club - Old project that I still really like make I want to make it a little more focused. VR/AR lets look at what is next and figure out how it works. I would love to try a podcast component with this as well.The Weakness of Strength - A Podcast about falling in love for each person’s perspective. Each week hear their side of the story. CurationPeaceful Wolf - Tools to help peaceful protests, online tools to block hate and spot fake news.Also, I Would love to release more courses. It was a task that I did find some enjoyment from them. It helpsI am going to change my mindset from lists and lists to launching and experiment with all of the ideas. Things will go well and things will go south. The goal is to make sure that I empty the tank every day.