I write this as I sit in my dark office. The sounds of the NFL playoffs are in the background. I am using them as a distraction at the moment. This week, I started to feel it. I wanted this year to be different. This was going to be big year for me. I started writing down all my goals. I started doing all the things that I wanted to do. But, I have been off to a rough start to my ambitious year. Life gets in the way and I started to get depressed. I started to get depressed that I was feeling lazy. So, naturally I decided to go on Medium and get inspired and there was a ton of great content. But, it did nothing for me except just upset me more. I end up going to bed every night not feeling like I have done enough and have not gotten that something that is inside of me out there into the world. Be that a blog post, a design or something. I feel like I don’t empty the tank every day. I talk myself out of doing the things that I want to do most of the time. WritingI took a nearly 5 year hiatus from writing. I ran a blog for a number of years and after awhile the vitalness of the online world got to me I think. I got tired of people telling me that I don’t write well or that my opinions are not valid. So, I just stopped and didn’t go back to it. Until about two years ago, and I started experimenting. I know what my weakness are and I am going to keep working on them but I am going to get help to make sure this is something that I can rectify. Naturally, I wanted to start a blog again. Years, ago I was writing music reviews. But, I wanted to do something different and I want to do something that would get me more fired up. The music was perfect for me 10 years ago. But, today I wanted to do something that involved technology. I think that these next 10 years are going to be the most revolutionary of my life time. This is going to start the next wave of technology that is going to affect our lives. But, this is going to affect our lives in some real and substantial ways. One idea, I thought would be some option pieces talking about the journey we are taking getting to the Fourth Wave. Thoughts on VR, self driving cars and IOT. I wanted it to be a deep dive into the technology that is going to change our lives in the future. Remember, that time you opened your first smartphone and that first day with that product. How you were just scratching the surface and figure out how this thing is going to fit into your life. You knew it was something different and you knew it was not just a random gadget. I didn’t want to necessarily make it about reviews. But, I want it to just be discussions about high level topics. DailyI always wanted to do a Daily blog. This is just one of those ideas that I haven’t been able to forget. There is something amazing to me about people who publish every day and have enough thoughts to publish. I thought it could be my playground to talk about the things I am getting into and the things that are exciting to me. IT could be just be the lab for everything else. PodcastingAs a kid as I was a giant introvert and never wanted to talk to anyone. If I was in a log cabin with just a laptop, kindle and a dog I think that I would be ok. The stories we have with us all are powerful and can change lives and can change opinions. I love the idea of being a storyteller. I like the power that you can have as a storyteller. You can create these giant worlds that are form just your head. Audio storytelling is something that I have been obsessed with lately. There is a different power to it. There is a different set of emotions that you can covey and you can tell some different kind of stories. I tried to record some episodes but they were a bit of a stream of me talking. I didn’t make a good enough outline and I didn’t do a good enough of job recording. I just recorded for just to do mostly. Then I just stopped. Because, I was scared. I was scared to have people hearing me talk. It is dumb I know. But, I would like to record more episodes this year as well as released two fiction podcasts that I have been writing some dialogue for.