This is not investment advice. This is merely for entertainment purposes and commentary. Do Your Own Research.

Investments are always a risky situation, and you need to do your own research to make sure that it is something for you. I can't stress this enough: all of these things we are going to talk about in this piece are going to be extremely risky propositions.

I had a few apps on my phone for investments when I was looking for a space to hold some of my stocks. I had an account on, and it was something that I never really used, but I just had it around. The company had an interesting mission and some engaging content, but I ended up going with someone else. They hit me up with an email that they were adding alternative assets. In the last few years, there was a run-up of different assets and various apps trying to leverage that. I never really got into any of it simply because I did not understand any of it. I always try to invest in things that I have some level of understanding behind. But Public's alt asset setup was fractionalizing these assets so that you can own pieces of them.

The fractional shares of these assets piqued my interest. I liked the idea of being a part of owning some art or owning things that I would never be a part of without the fractions.

I decided that I wanted to play around with this. Whenever I do something new like this, I want to make sure all of my bets are small enough where I don't care whatever happens to it. I want to take a small bet to just play around with it and have the experience of owning and working with it.

So, I purchased one share of the Birkin Bag, and I will link it below. - Birkin Bag

I was so excited to buy the asset, and then when I see it in my account, it just feels a little empty, and it just feels a little cold. I like how this type of system will open things up to more people. The more people have avenues to invest in all kinds of stuff, the better.

If people see value in something and they can get in the mix, I think that is a positive. There are huge risks with all of it, but I like that people can make the decisions for themselves. Also, I would never purchase a bag like this, so to be able to make some moves like that is exciting.

But now, I am just looking at the asset in my account, and it is just sitting there. There is something that is empty about things now in the tokenized arena.