Today, I did something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I don’t remember how I heard about this first but I spent an hour today “floating”. Floating involves lying in the small pool of water filled with 10 inches of water highly concentrated Epsom salt in order to make your body perfectly buoyant.The first few minutes took me a bit of getting used to. I was so nervous in the run-up to it. An hour is a long time and I thought that the water wouldn’t keep me afloat. When I got into the room, I started to become at ease. Within about 5 minutes I was in the tank and the room was pitch black. It felt like almost a scene from a movie. I can hear the water hitting the sides of the tank as I moved around. I settled down and just tried to embrace the situation. Finally, as I started to calm down. I started to have almost a conversation with myself. Questions and ideas that have been swirling around started to come to the surface. After my hour was over, I remember the walk to the car. I felt like I hit a reset button. Almost like that first day back from vacation. I felt relaxed and I felt like I had a clean slate.