I started this year with a new thing that I want to implement my life. I wanted to take either a good or a bad habit and give myself 30 days to see if that is something that I should be doing in my life. Can I hand over my life and document those results?All the things that I found that would be the most helpful about this was the fact that I was starting to feel bad. I was interested in and I wanted to try so many different things and that I had this insatiable thirst. This allowed me to find The Sweet Spot to work in. What I noticed was that working with such constraints and some uncomfortableness provided some really interesting results in other aspects of my life. I found that given you know the opportunity to put myself on the top deadline ,I put myself in some sort of closure making every day slightly uncomfortable.Comfort can be an enemy or it can control us. This practice started last year but it really ramped up this year. It has definitely changed stuff, other habits are back today, and there’s certain things that I’ll never do again.I know it’s something we find that optimal self and making me, even on a micro scale, experience new things and try some things that I would normally never try, like eliminating TV from my life. I’ve already seen some results of that and is something I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate in my day.For me, it’s just about keeping that experimental phase open. I think that’s the key right there; not to be afraid anymore.