My wife and I went away for my birthday weekend a few weeks ago. There was an a interesting product of that weekend trip. Whenever we go away I just take my kindle and my phone.At our hotel, the first thing I did was check my phone to see if I missed anything during the drive. I had a few random notifications but I noticed that I didn’t get any service. I was in a true T-Mobile dead zone. I couldn’t even get 2G it was nothing.But, we were going out for the night and I turned my phone into airplane mode and I didn’t look back. There were a few phantom checks to see if anything was going on but as the night went on it was slightly liberating.I almost felt like I was doing a juice cleanse for a day. It felt like it was a day of cleanse for my brain. It was only 12 hours or so of minimal internet but I felt it. I noticed it in my mood and my thought process.This is something I am going to try to do on a regular basis. I am going to start once a month and see how that goes and then maybe move it to one evening a week if the benefits keep coming.