As part of my summer project, I wanted to get some more design work done. I have been obsessed with Watch apps lately, and I want to take this idea and at least get something mocked up.For this project, my notes showed up again in my Evernote. So, I wanted to get into Sketch and work on a few views. Also, I didn’t get added to my growing lists of things I never ended up making.Meowington is an app that makes a tinder like an approach to rating cats. Swipe right to vote and swipe left to reject the cat. The idea is that the cat with the both lowest and highest would receive a donation.The revenue part was what I struggled with some ideas. We need to be able to generate something so that we have money to donate. Ads would allow more consistent money to be able to donate. But, I also tend to pay to turn them off.My tagline would be something like “The cats have given us so much, now it is time to get back.”Below is an embed of a few of the screens. I only did four to get everything in motion. In designing for the watch, there are some constraints to keep in mind. It was cool to be stuck in such a small space because you have no room for bullshit. You need something simple and glanceable or its a huge waste of time.I would like to add more views down the line as well as even prototype out the phone app as well.