Google announced that they had opened up Android apps on Chrome OS to all developers. App Runtime for Chrome runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This means that the floodgates will open to having your Android apps on multiple devices.I think that this could be a massive help for Chrome OS. The big problem everyone has with Chrome OS is that functionality is lacking. Being able to run any Android app can fill those holes. The apps already exist to fill those holes.You can get an image editing app that is probably going to me more fully featured than some existing web apps.What I would I love to see is some focus on some development tools for ChromeOS. If I could write code and remote into my desktop and run some of my Android apps, this could be something I would want to try to my workflow.The things I use every day are Todoist, Evernote, Sublime Text, Slack, Git and various Markdown editors.It is going to be interesting to see these new apps flood the Chrome Store and how they perform.