Soylent is a meal replacement, available in both liquid and powdered forms. The company has released a few intonations of their drink. Last year, I order a case of their 2.0 formula in the ready to drink bottles.I was excited about the prospect of something that is simple and would take care of certain nutrients. However, the drink was too tough for me to drink. The taste and consistency were just too hard to for me personally. I even tried to make some of the suggested recipes, bu The bar claims to have 12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements. Soylent, as a company, wants to create items that give you all of what you need in each serving.The packaging of the bar is super simple and is just labeled “Food Bar.” You can see that carrying this around and leaving a few at your desk at work will get some conversations going.The drink was something that was not for me and was something that I have no desire to ever drink again. But, the bar actually tastes ok. Going into it, I was expecting something terrible. First WeekI decided to try to work the bar into my diet as much as possible. Could this be something that I could sustain and could this be something that would work for me?I had a bar each day at different times of the day, sometimes in the morning and sometimes at lunchtime. I tried to never have it later than that.The thing that I noticed was that it surprisingly made me feel full. The bar, at just 250 calories, was something that was very fulfilling. The taste was pretty good, but not good enough to want to eat five of them. It really tasted like and overcooked sugar cookie with some caramel mixed in. Next UpSoylent has its first product that could go mainstream. It is tasty and I really felt great. I had no strange effects like I have had with other protein bars. I felt like I had more energy and I ate a lot less over the week with them. I think they are going to stay in my food arsenal. Next up, I am going to see if there a coffee drink will make the cut.Soylent’s mission is “to expand access to quality nutrition through food system innovation.” Healthy eating and eating well is a huge pain point for many people. Soylent is a company that is trying to do something different and something that is easy. I hope that it becomes more than just a niche thing.