Currently, I am sitting in my living room and I am watching someone use a headset. It was funny for about 10 seconds watching them bumping around. But, I can’t help but want to either see a stream of what they are seeing or get in the experience with them.I was listening to some people who I admire greatly. They said that they thought that VR is going to be a large flop because it is AntiSocial. It is a very solo experience. It is nothing something you would invite a bunch of people over to your house to use.The real test is going to be how good can mobile VR get. I have used some Daydream apps and I think that if that experience keeps getting better with future releases. I can see people keeping a couple of headsets around the house. Plus, if there is a way for a multiplayer gamer or syncing a Netflix stream to together. The experiences can get intense and be something that is going to be a thing we want to share and even be in the same room.