I am becoming obsessed with the thought of starting my company. I got so into the idea that sometimes I would shut down projects and leave things unfinished. I thought to myself “This won’t make enough money.” or “This is just too small.”I have countless notes of unused ideas and random thoughts that I thought would be game changing. But, I would never finish, I would never do what it took to get those ideas into the real world. I failed, but I never gave up. I kept trying to generate ideas and keep researching new technologies. I have thoughts on iOS apps, watch apps, tv apps.I was worried too much about becoming something and having this set of achievement. I wasn’t making something for myself I used the desire for profit as the force of my creativity. That will only get you so far. If the drive is just money then sometimes it is hard to push through those tough times. Late nights after already working 8 hours during the day.I need to take other people’s journeys as a mere learning experience and something to replicate. Their stores are out there just to help me in my journey and my path.I launched two of my ideas a few months back. I got one customer, and I lost him. I have never felt such a swing of emotions. The sign up was just a sensation of joy, but that cancellation left a pit in my stomach. It is something that I think about every day. I have tried a few different methods but haven’t gotten another customer yet.I launched an email newsletter, and I only have two people signed up for it. It seemed like it would be an effective tool, so I did it.I am going to keep doing and creating things and trying to get my ideas out into the world. They will probably all fail if we look at the stats. But, the thing that will never let get in the way again.