La LandLast night was my 33rd birthday. I wanted to do something that get me away from a device and the news. There has been so much going on the last two weeks that it has been overwhelming. I needed to disconnect for a few hours. What better way than a musical. La La Land just got nominated for a ton of oscars and it has been on my watch list. From, the opening credits to the end this movie simply just put a smile on my face. I will try to avoid spoilers in this post but just a warning in case I do let something slip. The movies core theme is about following your dreams and go for it. I am going to try and go on a journey here. But, the news is grim for whatever side of the spectrum you support. But, the message in the film is just promoting doing your dreams and following that. Making sacrifices and helping each other to get that point. Some of the most powerful moments in the movie when the two characters where encouraging and support each other. It got me thinking about the people in my life and the places that I want to hit and the impact that I want to leave. It also got me thinking that whenever we are honest with what we want and are not afraid to work together and not afraid. There is nothing that can stop us.