One of the clients I work for I got an email from a customer that really upset me. We had a piece of content on a website that was not accessibility friendly. I couldn’t help thinking about this all weekend.We have to put some things in perspective. I was able to read the email and it was heartbreaking to know we caused this person some discomfort and made his life a little harder. That’s against the purpose of some of the things we’re building. We want to break down those barriers and make things easier for different types of people to consume and use. This was just some bad markup on the phone, but it’s good to remember and not forget.I went through a number of resources on the weekend to make sure that I was up on the best practices and able to figure out a good way to fix the problems I have on my websites. Also, I was able to use it as a selling point to my company. I want to prove that this is something we need to spend time on.Making sure you follow some basic best practices can be a hard thing to start doing. Especially when you have been writing code one way for years. I am going to be spending a lot of time making sure that this stuff is baked into me when I am starting new projects. Here are some great resources I have found over the last few weeks: