Blend ModeI have been looking to find those CSS properties that are slowing coming into support but that I might not relay on just yet in a project. Lately, I have been focusing a lot on Sketch. I wanted to dig back into some CSS action. I actually found a place for flexbox in something I was coding today. It got me out of a jam . Mix Blend Mode allows you to control how content should blend with the content of the element that it sits on and the background. Below is a list of all the different values you can use.mix-blend-mode: normal; mix-blend-mode: multiply; mix-blend-mode: screen; mix-blend-mode: overlay; mix-blend-mode: darken; mix-blend-mode: lighten; mix-blend-mode: color-dodge; mix-blend-mode: color-burn; mix-blend-mode: hard-light; mix-blend-mode: soft-light; mix-blend-mode: difference; mix-blend-mode: exclusion; mix-blend-mode: hue; mix-blend-mode: saturation; mix-blend-mode: color; mix-blend-mode: luminosity; mix-blend-mode: initial; mix-blend-mode: inherit; mix-blend-mode: unset;I made a few quick examples so we can see how powerful this can be.This fiddle uses “darken”This fiddle uses “exclusion”The usage at the moment for this is really bad. Most recent Chrome/Firefox have no issues but there is no support for IE11.