This week, my Square Cash app gave me the option to sign up for what they call the cash card. For those of you who have not used the cash out function before, it is basically a super simple way to send money to people. Recently, they introduced what they called a virtual debit card, and now they are going plastic.Most people don’t want or credit cards — more bills, more things track, more things to monitor. One thing that I like about these prepaid debit cards is that they help a lot with budgeting. A few years ago, Google Wallet released its debit card. I used that card a lot. I allowed myself to use whatever was on it as money that I could do whatever I wanted with. It felt nice because Google allows you to auto deposit money each week or each month. When I got a paycheck, I would just deposit whatever I felt comfortable with that week. Google got rid of that product, however, and I haven’t been able to find a really great replacement.The Square Cash card is free, so there’s no reason not to try one. If you don’t use the cash app, it’s really good way to get paid back others for stuff.