Netlify is becoming the place to host all of your static projects. Netlify allows for continuous deployment so that whenever you make a commit from your git repos it will run a command and then server whatever folder that you specified in the settings. They recently had expanded to some new areas Functions / Forms and Identity. Today, we are going to look at the form service and show how we can easily get a web form that netlify will handle all of the process for.

The first step is simple to just add the netlify attribute to your form element. Whatever you put inside of name=“contact” Netlify will reference that in your dashboard as well. That is pretty much it to start receiving data. Spam FilteringNetlify also has a built in “honeypot” field that you can tap into.
If we add those attributes to the form element that we need then need to reference the hidden field inside the form element. Netlify has more options as well as setting up a recaptcha if you need to go to that level.