Each month I like to pick a habit that I want to explore and implement into my daily routine. Some of these monthly habits have embedded into my daily practice, such as writing. This is a habit I have hit over 260 straight days with. However, there are other monthly goals, like my no sugar month, which ended on the exact 30th day.The key is that I also keep a list of some interesting things that I want to try and explore. I know that some of them will be harder than others. Calm had a lot of different options and reminded me each night to make sure I had my moment of pause. I am going to keep Calm on my home screen and try to make time for it. I think I am going to keep experimenting with the time of day. I think the morning routine would be a perfect place for this. I want to give it a full week in the morning, as a follow-up, to this to see if that is better for me.There was a quote that I can’t remember who said it and on what medium but it was something like “If you are too busy to meditate for 10 minutes a day you need 30 minutes.”