I am the type of person who needs to do something over and over again to learn. React is one of those frameworks that I really want to get into my day to day workflow. There are just too many things that are happening in the space, which makes it something that I cannot avoid.I have been looking at things such as React Native and React Native Desktop. I started writing an app in React Native and have been trying to write random Codepens once a week Setting UpMy goal was to have something with a few frameworks that I could start tweaking. I wanted to have something in React that I could just move some components around. I want to make something really simple and quick just to get a feel of what I might be able to do. FoundationFrameworks are great at getting things up and off the ground quick. Foundation is one of those frameworks that I can go to that can get my project off the ground and quickly.I wanted to have a few components of some common elements that I could move around and fill with some sample data. The goal was to then have some quick mock ups that I could present as ideas. I wanted to have something like a Nav, Hero, Footer, Content, and a few other building blocks that most sites would need.