Web Performance is always a topic that I want to see if I can help automate or just get an edge on some savings. Yesterday, Chrome Labs released a new tool called Squoosh. There are a ton of tools to compress images but Squoosh has a few features already were harder to do before. Recently, Edge and Firefox have released support for the WebP image codec. Squoosh ads an easy way to convert your images into WebP so you can roll it into your sites and you can try out using that codec in your site before you change a build process. As you can see below from caniuse. WebP is starting to become more viable. Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.42.50 PM.pngSquoosh is a nice overall tool that allows a lot of different formats and some more options than just straight image compression. If you are looking for a few other tools that can help. The below are two fantastic options also. https://www.jpeg.io/https://tinypng.com/