There is something that happens to me when I am facing with a tragedy. After everything settles down and the reality of the situation has hit me, I start thinking. It makes me take stock of almost everything. What Am I Doing? Should I be something? I kind of just want to Netflix. My head starts racing with all these questions and thoughts. I thought to write them down this time.I want to keep my emotions low for this post. It is not worth it to be angry at your mom for forgetting the pizza bagels. It is not worth pausing your dreams for anything.Sometimes I felt selfish that I was thinking like this during a time of mourning. But, these are the moments that shape us, no matter where the motivation and inspiration strike. We just have to follow it.I want whoever reads this post to do one thing. Stop right now and think. What do I want to be remembered for? What is your legacy?Let’s start something right here and right now. If you want to write, write every morning and post it somewhere. If you think its garbage, who cares? If you have some concerns about internet trolls, turn off your comments.Want to be a great designer? Start a blog and once a month redesign a famous app and post your mockups.Want to make music? Want to be a photographer?We learn by teaching and sharing with others. We learn by doing a ton of stuff. We can all allow 30 minutes a day to our passion and for us. If you can’t do it every day, try once a week.Let’s start and let’s start together, and share our work and encourage each other. This is the year of doing. This is the year you create that thing and leave your mark on the world. This is the year you quit your job and make apps for the Apple Watch. There is no better feeling in the world then when you hit submit.We still have a lot of problems to solve. We need you.