At around the beginning of the year. I decided to do a want list with a friend of mine. We just decided to write down some of the things that we wanted to achieve in a bulleted list. It was just something to kind of get the end goals down on paper and then start building the bridges to get to those goals. I decided to keep the want list handy so I can just look at it every so often if I thought that things were getting off track or I needed to be reminding if I am going to the ends that I really want.I pulled the list out tonight to look at it again to get inspired again. I started looking at some other people and looking at their success and I started to get depressed. I saw some people achieving levels that I aim to achieve. I feel into that trap of comparing and started to feel it. But, I decided to look back at that list. It may have only been about three months since I wrote and I have time to achieve what I want to get done. I just need to have patience and keep working at it. I remember listening to someone that I’d admire but the name is blanking on me. They said, “eat shit for 24 months and then you will win.” Sometimes you gotta slow down and just keep pounding out the work.