The depths and chaos of a day seem to get more and more intense with each year. As we get older, we have bigger issues to deal with, and those decisions can have a larger impact on our lives and the lives of people around us.I have always wanted to find a tip or method to solve a problem. I can easily fall into habits and go on autopilot with all of my routines, so I always like to inject new things into the process to keep it fresh.I had a discussion with a friend recently about his process of working through a tough decision. But we found ourselves wondering what do people do when things get hard. What do people do when the stress starts to kick in, and they don’t have an answer to fall back on?One method that has always worked for me is an activity that involves headphones. For most of my life, headphones have been one of the most essential tools for me. The isolation and focus that a good set of headphone can instantly provide are second to none. You can block out those external forces and start to think. I often like to pair that headphone isolation with a walk or somewhere far away from interaction with people. Sometimes, you don’t even need to listen to anything. Just wearing headphones is a method of focus and signals to the world that you need a minute.