Late last year, I went on a cruise. The cruise ship had a robotic bartender that would serve you drinks that you ordered from a tablet in the bar. Of course, this was the first thing that I wanted to check out; a delicious piece of technology awaiting me on a vacation.When we got the bar, it was a bit underwhelming to see the arm make the drink. There was a cool display that showed what drink was coming up and whose order it was. It was really easy to order something really specific or abstract, but, on the other hand, it didn’t feel like it was faster than a human making the drink. It felt like it was something in Beta and was just cool to look at during a vacation.Last Friday, I was sitting in a Starbucks drive through, like I do most Fridays before I go to work. I typically order the exact same beverage. It was a little later than I usually go and the line was a little longer. You know the drill. They made a mistake on my order and it was a very human thing to do. I wasn’t mad as I worked in the food service industry before. You can’t be 100% all the time. It’s just not possible.The Launch festival was early this month. I always try to check out the companies that get featured. The winner of the competition was a company called Cafe X.Open today serving fresh illy coffee! 610 Nathan Road, Mong Kok. Posted by Cafe X on That looks amazing, doesn’t it? Can’t you just picture that inside your office in five years? Why Does This Matter?The robotic bartender was a good start. It showed us some of the possibilities of what could we really do with it. Do we really want to wait?Cafe X claims to be able to serve you coffee in just under 10 seconds. The machine looks like it is something that could replace baristas at Starbucks. I can see a day where you order from your car, drive over, and the drive through line is almost nonexistent. There is some sort of authentication and then your coffee comes out of a slot. We could be looking at a step into the future of food and food services.