I recently decided that I want to look at what I’ve done in the past as I get ready to plan out the rest of the year. I started to Google myself and searched through multiple different platforms to find old documents about myself, and I came across an old podcast I started in 2006 that was for a blog I was running at the time. I had no idea why I made the podcast or what my goal was, but there it was: my one 101-minute long episode.There is something super disappointing about seeing that single episode. I have always wanted to make a podcast, and this particular podcast was an idea I been kicking around for 12 years.Seeing my one lone episode made me think about what could have been if I had stuck with it and just kept trying to do this thing that I had so passionately wanted to do. I love audio and podcasts, and I think about making a show every day.I go through the days when I think experimentally and try to do a lot of different things, and I find myself never sticking with an idea, never following through and going to that next level or doing that extra deep dive into something, powering through and trying to find that sweet spot.So here I am, 12 years later with four different podcasts that all have one episode each. I keep trying to get back into this game, but I always get to a certain level and then give up. When should you stop, and how do you know if you suck?