The Pebble Steel has been a permanent fixture in my gadget family for awhile now. They have had an update for awhile that allows you to have notifications that you can take action. Also, you are allowed some more control over the notification that get pushed to your phone.Lately, I have been switching up the notifications that get pushed to my watch. I want to learn to see which ones are invaluable to my day and which ones just piss me off.Instagram and Linkedin are the worst offenders of these notifications. I don’t need to know on my wrist if someone liked a photo or someone is looking at my profile. These are notifications that may not need to be even pushed to anything at all.Whatsapp group messages are just too much. If you have a big chain going back and forth, it can be overwhelming to you.Twitter at replies where something that was a nice joy to see on my wrist. I am not a high traffic Twitter person, so I would only get at most 3-5 a day scattered throughout the day.Google Wallet surprised me. I have a weekly transfer setup and when I was in stores that I had a loyalty card or a gift card for the store that I am in. Getting a notification on my wrist for that information was useful. If there were a way, I could pay. That is the one thing that I am jealous about the apple watch.The notifications need to start changing. What works for the phone won’t work on our wrist? What we get pushed to a device that we wear have to provide some value. There is a lot of nonsense that gets filled in my notification drawer on my phone. From games to reminders to track my meals and my latest emails I don’t want all of this stuff coming to my wrist.If my wife calls me during the work day, I want to know about that right away because that is going to be an issue.Wearables will force us to rethink notifications and start to design for real world experiences and interactions.