I am on of those people that would be able to tell you the song that was playing during important life events. I have always received the most inspiration from listening. It was one of the reasons that music was so important to me in my teenage years. The stories and emotion were something that I was able to instantly understand and connect with than any other media. I used to be able to sit quietly in my basement in high school and just listen with my cheap headphones. I would just be able to close my eyes and I would be able to create these worlds and stories in my head from what I was listening to. A simple song would generate hundreds of ideas. I used to just right down music video ideas for the songs that I was listening to.I don’t remember the first audio book or podcast that I listened to. It was just a natural medium for me to move to. I like to read as well but I am able to soak in more information quickly by just listening. I can also do it as a secondary activity and not just a primary activity.Audio has always been an important part of my life and my development. I have tried to make some audio samples and have experimented with the idea of a podcast. I want to keep trying to make something that is meaningful and impactful.In the meantime, I started a newsletter that will highlight some of the great content that I have come across and experienced. I want to curate some of the great moments and also talk about my journey of trying to make one.